Friends of the Rail Event

Hello there!


Our steamy friends up a bit North,   Friends of the Rail, have announced that they are hosting a Mid-Winter Photo   Weekend on 8-10 June 2012.


The weekend will start off with a   photography lecture at Hermanstad station on Friday Night. On Saturday,   photography will take place at the Capital Park Loco Depot (Pretoria) and   later in late afternoon and evening on the Cullinan branch line.  Night   time photos will be posed at the station.  The ‘run-bys’ will be staged   as ‘false departures and entries’ around Cullinan on Sunday morning and the   train will return back to Capital Park in the mid-afternoon..


Come and enjoy a winter weekend of steam   photography in the ideal conditions that only a dry high-veldt winter can   provide; that magic combination of clear blue skies and crisply cold weather   for those great shots just chock full of atmospheric steam!


This brochure was created for and sent on behalf of Friends of   the Rail,


Lee Gates
Stubbornly   unrepentant     ferro-equinologist !
Owns 1:12 scale 10BR No.751 ‘Little Empress.’
Steam Power It’s the Wheel Thing!

“With a plume thrown confidently over her   shoulder, her gaunt, steely rods whirling with stubborn purpose,  an   insatiable fire beating fiercely within her iron heart and the yearning call   of her spirit lofted to the heavens via the brass-throated whistle, the steam   locomotive is passion personified in warm, living, pulsing steel and is surely worthy of the right to live.”

Preserving South Africa’s Steam Heritage for all to enjoy.

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    BRCH – FotR Winter Photo Train

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