2ND BULLETIN 31 July 2013

Visit to the Modderfontein Conservation Area
I will be leading a visit to the area this Saturday when I will available to guide and advise you on where some of the best photo opportunities can be found.
Meet at the gate to the conservation area on Saturday 3 August at 06:30 (the gate is on your left just before where the Burn-outs are held or follow the signs to Isidleke – for further info ‘phone me on 083 247 7646).
The conservation Area is open to the public every day from 06:30 but if you come on the planned visit you will save some time and effort. Bring a model and a red jacket if possible!
There is an entrance fee of R30 pp.
Another photo opportunity is the Historical Village of Modderfontein. If needs be I can direct you to this too (there is no charge for visits to the village).

Taking photographs in the Greenstone Mall
The security people are aware of the competition and taking photographs inside and outside the mall should not be a problem. However, before taking out your camera please speak to a guard, or if necessary, pop in to the security office and tell them what you’re doing.

Good shooting
Dave g

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