BURNOUT* at SA Emergency Care’s premises – Modderfontein – Friday the 29th May

Hi all There will be a BURNOUT* at SA Emergency Care’s premises (Tel: 011 606 2023) on Ardeer Rd, Modderfontein this Friday the 29th May – evening. The fun usually starts about 30 to 45 minutes after it gets dark. Food and drinks will be available. Some tips for taking photographs at the burnout (based on my experience and certainly not guaranteed):

  • Decide on which lens you will use before you go. You don’t want to be changing lenses once the fire gets going as there is lots of fine water spray etc and you will be so busy that the action will be over before you know it.
  • A 70 – 200mm lens or similar is a safe choice (anything around 50mm+ is good).
  • A highish ISO may be required, say around 640 – 800 or more, a shutter speed 1/80 and above and an aperture of around f 8. Conditions change very quickly so these settings are highly theoretical.
  • Keep an eye on your histogram and be prepared to make quick adjustments to settings.
  • Etiquette: Please conform to requests by firemen with respect to safety and ‘getting in the way’. Be aware of other photographers that one can easily block without realising it.
  • Burnouts have almost become a EPC tradition so ENJOY.

Dave Gordon for the Edenvale Photographic Club

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