EPC Photographic weekend at Magoebaskloof (Limpopo)

 You are invited to join us for an opportunity to shoot great landscapes in the Magoebaskloof area. The area of interest is centred around Haenertsburg (between Pietersburg and Tzaneen); 360 kms and about 3.5 hours travelling time from Edenvale. The outing is from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 October (obviously if you would like to be there before or after these dates it’s your choice).

What pics can you expect? Ideally we must pray for mist. The locals say this is the best time of year and we have about a 25% chance of mist and if we are lucky you may be able to shoot images along the lines of the first sample below. If there is no mist then the second sample could be what’s expected – all other weather conditions permitting.

Note: Some locations can be muddy and/or slippery so bring sensible footwear, e.g., hiking boots if you have them. Also, beg, steal or borrow but bring a polarising filter and a tripod (mainly for water shots).  ND grads are highly recommended but they’re not a must).

John Coumbias and Dave Gordon will be on hand to assist the less experienced members and thanks to a recent regional NEP Congress Dave has a knowledge of some very promising photo locations.

There are other photo opportunities to explore outside of the Golden Hours, e.g., the Cheerio Gardens (flowers) and the picturesque Haenertsburg cemetery. The Silver Mist Farm usually offers residents opportunities to photograph horses and some farm animals.

Food and drink:

There are no formal arrangements regarding meals. The suggestion is that you bring breakfast eats to suit your own pre-dawn palate (there is a small FoodZone in the village but it closes at 17:00). There are a good number of restaurants, bistros and coffee shops in and around Haenertsburg and it is expected that we will select one as a venue for an evening meal get together (if you wish to).

 Girl in the mist               _C7T1879


 John and Dave will be staying at the Silver Mist Arabian Horse & Trout Farm (about 4 kms this side of Haenertsburg) and conducted trips will start from there. Dave has listed a couple of other (untried by him) establishments whereupon you can make arrangements to suit your personal requirements.

If you are joining us please let Dave know (083 247 7646) where you will be staying and your cell number to facilitate coordination of trips etc.

Cheers and looking forward to a great weekend

Thanks to Dave Gordon for the info and arrangements.

  • SILVER MIST FARM: www.silvermistresort.co.za (Rhina 073 517 3343 or Christo 073 247 9086  (cottages and camping – they can supply tents)
  • THE PENNEFATHER (cottages in Haenertsburg Village) www.pennefather.co.za 015 276 4885/079 525 7849
  • MAGOEBASKLOOF HOTEL       015 276 5400
  • CHEERIO RESORT   www.cheerio.co.za      072 650 2366

or look at www.magoebasklooftourism.co.za for more accommodation and info on the area


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