Club Log Updated/Corrected

Hi All

Sincere apologies to all. The club log published after the last meeting was not correct. I have reworked all the scores and double-checked the calculations. It should now be correct. The scores are calculated starting with the last meeting from last year (22 November 2017) up to the last meeting on 25th April 2018. The scoring is based on 3 points for a gold, 2 points for a silver and 1 point for a bronze. A bonus point is added for a COM, a winner and for the winner of a set subject. This means that a winning image with a COM earns 5 points.

I would like to request the following:

  1. Please check the scores and let me know directly if there are issues.
  2. If you do not want to appear on the log, let me know and I will revise accordingly.
  3. If you think the log is not a good idea, then please let me know as well. With enough consensus I am prepared to take it down.

Thank you to those that brought this to my attention. Should the log continue to be an issue, it will be removed. The intention is to see how you fair against other members, irrespective of star rating, and not to create discord. I will endeavour to ensure the log is fault free going forward.


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