Promotion Standings Published on EPC Website

Hi All

The current promotion standings have been published on the EPC website and can be found under the main menu “Calendar–>Promotion Standings”. Clicking on the image will show a larger version and there is a PDF version available as well.

Please let me know if there is anything you are not sure of or do not agree with. It has been a mammoth task to align the promotions using different scoring methods and although every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, well you know how it goes.

This will be the master going forward, so we need to make sure we start from a good base. Names in yellow have been promoted and are on the new criteria. Names in purple have yet to be promoted and are still on the old criteria.

Please send any salon acceptances to Heidi so that they can be taken into account. They are not automatically taken from the PSSA website.

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