Portrait workshop with Laetitia Kenny

Strobes. Flashes. Softboxes. Beauty dishes. Snoots. Reflectors. Gels. Triggers. Receivers. 

For many of us, portrait photography is an intimidating genre and with many of the terms sounding Greek to the uninformed portrait initiate (like me), Edenvale Photographic Club arranged a workshop evening with Laetitia Kenny, an outstanding portrait photographer.

Laetitia is a highly recognised and accomplished photographer, with MPSSA, EPSSA and AFIAP accolades to her name so it was with great excitement that 13 members of EPC came together one evening to learn from one of the best portrait photographers in Johannesburg. 

Dave B: “You know what the problem is with that camera, Kenneth?”

Rather than hosting a lecture in which it’s often hard to visualize the theory in practice, Laetitia helped eager members understand different types of lighting whilst photographing models in a live studio set-up. With models Constance Hall and Peter Thomas posing patiently for us, attendees could experiment with different lighting arrangements, in addition to seeing the effect of coloured gels on their photographs. For over 2 hours, Laetitia gave guidance to members in posing models, as well as tips on outfits, backdrops and composition.  

Laetitia helping pose model Connie Hall as members prepare to shoot.
Connie strikes a pensive pose.

As our Set Subject evening of Human Portraiture, scheduled for Wednesday 28thAugust, edges closer, attendees were inspired to go out and create some amazing portraits for club night submission. Between the portrait shoot at Cecil’s house earlier this year, and Laetitia’s professional guidance and assistance, we’re sure that we’ll be seeing some amazing portraits in up-coming club nights! 

Peter Thomas gave attendees a great alternative to the traditional glamour model represented by Connie.

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