Annual Competition Winners, 2019

Edenvale Photographic Club recently held their 2019 year-end function, where their top photographers were honoured and recognised. Photographers chose their best photos of the year, across 10 different categories, entered into one of three star-rating sections. Additionally, awards were given for the most versatile photographer in each star section, together with a club log winner (highest total number of points in the year) and a set subject winner (highest total points accumulated during set subject challenges).

Here is the full list of our deserving winners:

1 & 2* Category

Most Versatile 1 & 2* Photographer: Caryn Wilson

Runner up: Brian Kleinwort

Animal Portrait Winner: “Hairy Mouth” by Linda Carter

Altered Reality Winner: “Spiderwoman in Hong Kong” by Stephen Kangisser

Monochrome Winner: “One Week Old” by Stephen Kangisser

Nature Winner: “Sunbird” by Brian Kleinwort

Colour Winner: “Winter Wonderland” by Stephen Kangisser

Photojournalism Winner: “Freedom of Association” by Kenneth Mukute

Human Portrait Winner: “Masked” by Caryn Wilson

Scapes Winner: “Moody Blues” by Linda Carter

Still Life Winner: “A Stitch in Time” by Atholene Liebenberg

Altered Nature Winner: “Rather Windy” by Atholene Liebenberg

3 & 4* Category

Most Versatile 3 & 4* Photographer: Natasha Bird

Runner up: Clare Appleyard

Animal Portrait Winner: “Hey Kitty Kitty” by Natasha Bird

Altered Reality Winner: “She Danced when No-one was Home” by Natasha Bird

Monochrome Winner: “Rural Farmers” by Moira van Heerden

Nature Winner: “Namibian Feral Horses” by Natasha Bird

Colour Winner: “Hover Fly” by Natasha Bird

Photojournalism Winner: “Sideways” by Gary Atkins

Human Portrait Winner: “Robin” by Natasha Bird

Scapes Winner: “Joburg City Scape” by Michael Broschk

Still Life Winner: “Screwed Up City” by Clare Appleyard

Altered Nature Winner: “Tarantula Shadows” by Natasha Bird

Open (5* + Honours) Category

Most Versatile Open Photographer: Jorge Borralho

Runner up: David Wolstencroft

Animal Portrait Winner: “Eagle Portrait” by David Wolstencroft

Altered Reality Winner: “Cowboy Dreams” by Jorge Borralho

Monochrome Winner: “A Bridge too Far” by Jorge Borralho

Nature Winner: “The Illusionist” by Dino Bottega

Colour Winner: “Lesotho Village” by John Coumbias

Photojournalism Winner: “Feel the Winter Sun” by Hanli Smit

Human Portrait Winner: “Soft as Silk” by Hanli Smit

Scapes Winner: “Waiting for the Day” by David Wolstencroft

Still Life Winner: “The Finale” by Hanli Smit

Altered Nature Winner: “Mom & Baby” by Hanli Smit

Club Log Winner 2019:

Jorge Borralho

Runner Up: Natasha Bird

Set Subject Winner 2019

David Wolstencroft

Runners Up: John Coumbias & Clare Appleyard

Most Improved Photographer 2019

Kenneth Kubheka

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