2020 Club Night Updates

A warm welcome back and happy new year to all our EPC members. Are you ready for our first club night of 2020, scheduled for Wednesday 22nd January? We’ve got some important adjustments to club nights so please do make note of the announcements below.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

1. New Scoring System:

As from the first meeting this year, we will be switching to a new revised scoring system as detailed in the AGM. All images will now be rated on the 15 point system as per salons. This score will still translate to a bronze, silver or gold award accordingly as follows:
13 to 15: COM
10 to 12: Gold
7 to 9: Silver
4 to 6: Bronze
1 to 3 No award
These scores will be translated to the equivalent certificate for promotion, but the actual score will go towards the club log which will result in a better spread.

2. PhotoVault

PhotoVault is the only accepted method of submitting club entries from 2020 onwards. This will remove all naming standards and image sizing issues as well as enable us to move towards an automated scoring and promotion system. This will improve member’s visibility on promotion standing, image performance and record keeping.
From February onwards we will be moving the cut-off date one day earlier to midnight on Monday evening in order to ensure that deadlines can be met in preparing the club laptop for club evenings as this has been a severe challenge in the past.

3. Set Subject

There will now be a set subject every month instead of every alternate month. The aim is to motivate members to expand their portfolio and experiment in new genres. In order to accommodate our time restraints for club evening, set subject will now only allow one image. These images will now also count towards the club log as well as promotion.

4. Salon Results

All members to send their salon acceptances, local and international, to the club email address epc@webmail.co.za. These will be collated by Jorge and taken into account where required for promotion to the next star level.

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