Planned events for 2018


Swartkops – Airforce museum and cemetary: First Saturday of every month is open day.


Reefsteamers depot in Germiston provides photographic opportunities in an industrial setting. We have various old buildings including workshops, vintage steam locomotives in various stages of restoration, railway carriages and wagons.

The prices for photo sessions (formal or informal) are as following:
1/2 Day = R175 per photographer and R 50 per visitor attending
Full day shoot = R500 per photographer and R 50 per person attending

Photography Groups – Groups often come on one of the days we are running one of our Magaliesburg or Irene trips to photograph the preparation of the locomotive in the morning and then general photography around the depot. See http://www.reefsteamers.com/Timetable.html for details of train trips.
Reefsteamers can also provide steam locomotives and trains for use in adverts and films.
For all enquires and bookings please email photo@reefsteamers.com

Ian Morison





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