EPC Promotion Criteria

These promotion criteria are based on the PSSA guidelines regarding time frames.

The proposed advancement level of competency of the Edenvale Photographic club

The following 16 advancement levels apply to the EPC, as this advancement system keeps a member motivated and promises new goals to strive towards:

  • 1 Star
  • 2 Star
  • 3 Star
  • 4 Star
  • 5 Star
  • 5* Honours
  • 5* Honours Bronze
  • 5* Honours Silver
  • 5* Honours Gold
  • 5* Honours Platinum
  • 5* Honours Palladium
  • 5* Honours Rhodium
  • 5* Honours Ruby
  • 5* Honours Emerald
  • 5* Honours Diamond
  • 5* Honours Jadeite

The following table shows the proposed time period for an average photographer/star level:

From Star LevelPromoted to Star levelTime Period
1 Star2 Star10 months
2 Star3 Star14 months
3 Star4 Star22 months
4 Star5 Star24 months
5 Star5 Star Honours24 months
5 Star Honours5 Star Honours Bronze24 months
5 Star Honours Bronze5 Star Honours Silver24 months
5 Star Honours Silver5 Star Honours Gold24 months
5 Star Honours Gold5 Star Honours Platinum24 months
5 Star Honours Platinum5 Star Honours Palladium24 months
5 Star Honours Palladium5 Star Honours Rhodium24 months
5 Star Honours Rhodium5 Star Honours Ruby24 months
5 Star Honours Ruby5 Star Honours Emerald24 months
5 Star Honours Emerald5 Star Honours Diamond24 months
5 Star Honours Diamond5 Star Honours Jadeite24 months

 The following points are awarded towards advancement for each award:

BRONZE4 to 6 Points
SILVER7 to 9 Points
GOLD10 to 12 Points
COM13 to 15 Points
SET SUBJECT1 to 15 Points

Advancement rule summary for all EPC levels (the salon acceptances have been calculated at the given PSSA guideline rate of 24 salons per PSSA year), based on 3 golds an evening average:

AdvancementTarget periodPointsGolds COMsSalon  % participationSalon Acceptances
From 1 * to 2*10 months55050
From 2* to 3*14 months770701
From 3* to 4*22 months121011020%15
From 4* to 5*24 months132012035%40
From 5* to 5* Honours24 months132012040
From 5* to 5* Honours Bronze24months132012045%40
From 5* Hon Bronze to 5* Hon Silver24 months132012055%40
From 5* Hon Silver to 5* Hon Gold24 months132012070%40
From 5* Hon Gold to 5* Hon Platinum24 months132012075%40
From 5* Hon Platinum to 5* Hon Palladium24 months132012080%40
From 5* Hon Palladium to 5* Hon Rhodium24 months132012080%40
From 5* Hon Rhodium to 5* Hon Ruby24 months132012080%40
From 5* Hon Ruby to 5* Hon Emerald24 months132012080%40
From 5* Hon Emerald to 5* Hon Diamond24 months132012080%40
From 5* Hon Diamond to 5* Hon Jadeite24 months132012080%40

Due to the fact that entering salons can be costly, advancement can still be achieved without salon acceptances. The number of golds and points required for advancement will be doubled if there are no Salon acceptances. However, should there be salon acceptances once a member has exceeded the minimum golds and points, advancement will be immediate and the extra gold and points carried forward to the next promotion.

From 5* onward, it has been the EPC rule to include national and international salon acceptances. However, this does not stop any member from starting with international salons earlier.

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