WhatsApp Rules Guideline

The WhatsApp group is for paid-up and honorary Edenvale Photo Club members only, except for any relevant PSSA representation.

We highly recommend setting the EPC group to “Mute” and switching off automatic media downloads.

How to mute a WhatsApp chat group:
1) Click on group chat

2) Open “Group info”

3) Click on “Mute” and select “One Year”.

4) Chat group is now muted for a year.


How to switch off automatic media downloads:

1) Click on group chat

2) Open “Group info”

3) Click on “Save to camera roll”

4) Select “OFF” or “Never”


  1. The main purpose of the group is to share relevant EPC updates (announcements, promotions, meetings, outings, competitions etc) but we’d like to foster a sense of community at the same time.
  2. Spam is strictly prohibited. This includes petitions, surveys and jokes.
  3. Sharing of photographic opportunities (workshops, outings, presentations etc) is encouraged.
  4. If somebody has shared an opportunity, please use the relevant contact details shared on the messageto make a booking, ask about costs, dates etc. Chances are the EPC member sharing the details is not in charge and thus cannot reserve you a spot, or take your cash.
  5. If an outing/workshop/presentation is shared and you cannot attend, advising the group as such is not required. Similarly, if you can’t attend club night, an apology isn’t necessary – simply submit your photos via Photovault as per any other night.
  6. One-on-one conversations (or arguments) are to be kept to individual messages between relevant members, not on the group chat.
  7. If you’d like to congratulate a member on an announced promotion, please do so. Encouraging each other is important. Conversely, don’t feel obliged to congratulate anybody if you don’t want to.
  8. Do not berate, belittle, intimidate or threaten anybody via the group, whether it be the PSSA, a particular judge or other photographic groups.
  9. Common courtesy is key. If you’d like to thank somebody for organizing an outing or for an act of service, please do. We understand that the WhatsApp group is a platform for building relationships and our community, but we also don’t want critical information to get lost in background noise.
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