Club Log 2020 ( 23 September )

NB: Please contact David Wolstencroft should you have any queries or concerns.

Further to the above, the scores attained by all club members as of the first club meeting of 09th October 2019 (First club meeting for EPC year) until 22nd January 2020, have been retrofitted with all scores attained in the stated period following the new scoring and points system. The approach taken in retrofitting the five meetings prior to 12th February 2020 was to award points at the lowest level of each award range as follows:

  • COM = 13 Points
  • Gold = 10 Points
  • Silver = 7 Points
  • Bronze = 4 Points
  • No Award = 1 Point
  • Club night winning images = 0 Points

On 12th February 2020 the NEW club scoring system went live, the previous meetings retrofitted scores were added to this club meeting and the above log is the net result.

From February onward the club will have Set Subject evenings (4th Wednesday of each Month), One image per member is allowed to be entered. Images will be scored between the range of 1-15 Points and the results will count toward Club Log as well as Promotions Log.

If anyone feels they need clarification or they have issues or concerns, please feel free to call Jorge Borralho at your discretion.

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