Colin’s blog J&B Met

The J&B Met is a ball of fun. You can dress it up in the latest fashions,  put on layers of make-up and rub shoulders with the latest’s celebrities and local movie stars. Perhaps it’s more about the horses and the betting. Put your money where your mouth is and have a flutter on a chestnut or a grey that takes your fancy. If it is just a party that you want, well you can do that too. There is plenty to drink with the sponsors well represented in their colourful tents or else you can simply bring your own picnic basket and book a space behind the white picket fence where you spend a fanciful afternoon with your closest friends.
Visually, the Met is a feast!  Beautiful models, stunning outfits and a lovely location.  Here are my tips for taking photographs there:
  • Any decent camera body can be used but a good quality lens will give best results.
  • Use a wide angle zoom, say about 24mm – 70mm.
  • Use a wide aperture to blur out the backgrounds if they are too busy.
  • Use fill in flash.  The fashion shows are around midday so the shadows are quite harsh.
  • Don’t bother with a tripod or monopod, you need to be mobile.
  • Ask the models to pose, they are always willing to show off their attire.
  • Ask the models to stand where the backgrounds are not too distracting.
  • Look for small detail as well as full length portraits.

J&B_003 J&B_002 J&B_103 J&B_102 J&B_101 J&B_100 J&B_099 J&B_097 J&B_095 J&B_094 J&B_092 J&B_091 J&B_090 J&B_089 J&B_088 J&B_087 J&B_085 J&B_084 J&B_083 J&B_081 J&B_079 J&B_077 J&B_076 J&B_075 J&B_074 J&B_072 J&B_071 J&B_070 J&B_066 J&B_065 J&B_064 J&B_063 J&B_062 J&B_060 J&B_059 J&B_058 J&B_057 J&B_055 J&B_054 J&B_053 J&B_052 J&B_051 J&B_049 J&B_048 J&B_047 J&B_045 J&B_044 J&B_042 J&B_041 J&B_040 J&B_039 J&B_037 J&B_036 J&B_035 J&B_033 J&B_032 J&B_031 J&B_030 J&B_029 J&B_028 J&B_027 J&B_026 J&B_025 J&B_024 J&B_022 J&B_021 J&B_020 J&B_019 J&B_018 J&B_017 J&B_015 J&B_014 J&B_013 J&B_012


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