Club Night – Image Submission Guidelines

Specifications for Submission of High Definition “E: Photography
Maximum Pixel Size = 1920 x 1080
Maximum Data File Size = 2,000 Kilobytes (jpg)
Two Categories Nature “na”Pictorial “pi”
Naming Conventions are as follows:-Star Rating_Category_Image Name_Person’s Name

Example: 2_na_Hornbill_John Doe (Keep the case (Upper/Lower) as you would like the certificate printed)

Entries must be handed in by no later than 18h45 on the night

1. Select Canvas (Frame) Size under the heading “Image” in Photoshop if you wish to add a boarder to the image and make your adjustments. If you do not wish to add a boarder, go to Step 2.

2. Select Image Size under the heading “Image” in Photoshop. Tick the following boxes: Scales Sizes, Constrain Proportions and Resample Images.

3. The maximum size of the image must not exceed 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.

4. When resizing a horizontal image (Landscape) enter 1920 pixels in the Width Box and the vertical size will be adjusted automatically if you have ticked the “Resample Image” box. If the vertical size is 1080 pixels or less, the resizing is correct. If the vertical adjusts to a value more than 1080 pixels (say 1096 pixels) then adjust the vertical size to 1080 pixels and the horizontal size will automatically reduce to below 1920 pixels if you have ticked the “Resample Image” box.

5. When resizing a vertical impage (Portrait) enter 1080 pixels in the Height Box. The value in the Width Box will change automatically to match the original image if you have ticked the “Resample Image” box.

6. The maximum image data file size is 2,000 Kilobytes (2MB) in the JPEG format. Note that if a border is added to the image, this must be added before resizing and reducing the file size to a maximum of 2,000 Kilobytes to ensure that the image remains within the specified 2,000Kb.

7. It is recommended that the image be displayed in the sRGB Colour Profile. This can be selected in the camera or changed in Photoshop under Edit/Convert to Profile.

8. Images can be brought to club evenings on a flash drive by latest 18h45 or emailed to at least one day before the meeting.

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