Promotion Standings

Promotion Standings as at 24 November 2021

NB: Please contact David Wolstencroft should you have any queries or concerns.

UPDATED: To include all the latest local & International salon acceptances (Includes up to the 5th Paarl Salon and all International Salons received since the last update)
Additional changes to the club members on the OLD promotions system with the same criteria as before barring the points which are converted to the new system, promotion for these individuals will not take club points into consideration given the new changes, instead, they will only need to attain Gold/COM’s and Salon acceptance criteria or alternative method excluding salons as it was before, on the alternative method individuals will require double the amount of Gold/COM’s for promotion.
If you notice any discrepancies please feel free to call David Wolstencroft at your discretion.


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