Results – Annual Competition 2016

Juniors Name Image Seniors  Name  Image
Winner Antonette Bezuidenhout Best Panel Score: 266 Winner Jorge Borralho Best Panel Score: 318
2nd Natasha Bird Best Panel Score: 246 2nd David Wolstencroft Best Panel Score: 313
3rd Renata Cecchi Best Panel Score: 213 3rd John Coumbias Best Panel Score: 308
Category Winners  Category Winners
Animal Portrait Valerie Sampson Yorkie Animal Portrait Jorge Borralho African Fish eagle cry
Altered Reality Natasha Bird Fairyland Altered Reality David Wolstencroft In the magic forest
Nature Valerie Sampson Lanner Falcon Nature Heidi Broschk Swallow feeding frenzy
Open Antonette Bezuidenhout Delicate Open John Coumbias Lady in red
Photo Journalism Natasha Bird Inferno Photo Journalism David Wolstencroft Into the Corner
Human Portrait Antonette Bezuidenhout Maureen Human Portrait Hanli Smit Golden Girl
Landscapes Phumlani Guggenheim Museum Landscapes David Wolstencroft Cape Town from the Mountain
Still Life Antonette Bezuidenhout Different Still Life David Wolstencroft Potions
Antonette Bezuidenhout Feeding Frenzy Altered Nature Heidi Broschk Violent vulture take-off
Versatility Versatility
Winner Valerie Sampson Average: 34.40 (5 images) Winner Jorge Borralho Average: 35.33 (9 images)
2nd Antonette Bezuidenhout Average: 33.25 (8 images) 2nd David Wolstencroft Average: 34.78 (9 images)
3rd Phumlani Average: 32.00 (4 images) 3rd Heidi Broschk Average: 34.75 (8 images)
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