Upcoming Events 2019

June 2019

EPC Annual Club Outing
This year’s outing will be to Lesotho. The proposed dates are from Saturday 15th June until Saturday 22nd June. Monday the 17th is a public holiday.
The Orion Katse Lodge is probably where we will be staying. There are various accommodation options varying in price as shown in the overview below.

We urgently need an idea of numbers of interested attendees so that we can make a reservation. The accommodation will sell out soon. The self-catering guest house prices are for the room, so for people sharing, it works out to R300 per night per person. Camping is also available for those that would like to rough it or cut costs.

Photographic points of interest on this tour are:
1) Katse Dam

2) The indigenous people in the area

3) Landscapes

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