About EPC

The Edenvale Photographic Club (EPC) is not a formal photographic school but it is a great place to start, improve and learn the skills of your hobby. We have several highly experienced members who have been in photography for many years as well as beginner members and everything in between. The basic format of meetings is that members bring along their images to be evaluated by a visiting judge who usually makes a presentation on some aspect of photography. Members are split into Star ratings, 1 – 5. Inexperienced members (1 star) are judged along with other 1 star members and 2 star (a bit more experienced) with other 2 star people and so on where 5 star photographers are evaluated like with like. Members submit up to 3 images per meeting in any combination of nature and pictorial.

How do you get promoted from 1 to 2 star and above? The judge/evaluator awards points for each image based on meeting the criteria of that member’s star rating. Members are promoted as they accumulate points to target levels for each star rating. As a beginner you would be a ’1 star’. In 1 star the judge is looking only for a sharp, correctly exposed image with some element of composition’ (e.g., don’t cut off the giraffe’s head) whereas a lot more is expected of a 5 star! It usually takes some time to be promoted so you won’t be rushed into competing against a 2 star or above.

Much of the learning comes from the visiting judges constructive comments on your own pictures, as well as the evaluations made on the images of other 1 to 5 star members. Most of our experienced members are happy to give advice to their less experienced fellow members. We place great emphasis on promoting skills in photography while having fun in a social and friendly environment.


In addition we offer members at no cost, a short course on the basics of club photography outside of our regular meetings. These courses are designed to help inexperienced photographers get past the ‘set the camera on Auto’ style of taking photographs to something a bit more exciting.

Come and visit us to see for yourself what we do and how we do it, or contact us with any questions you may want answered.

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