WhatsApp Rules Guideline

Dear EPC members

 Please note the EPC Whatsapp rules below, as this group has been set up mainly as an EPC notification platform, for promotions, outings and emergency information.

 A busy platform, often with repetitive posts, results in people leaving the group. This is a concern, due to the reasons cited above:


This group is for Edenvale Photo Club members only, apart from relevant PSSA committee members.

  1. Always keep to the purpose of the group. Do not share irrelevant messages about other topics, such as birthdays, various congratulations, etc.
  2. Do not spam the group or send data-insensitive messages.
  3. Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. Switch to private messages.
  4. If a message asks for a positive response like an RSVP, do not reply in the negative. Only say if you are able to attend. Do not double RSVP if a second call to action is sent out for the same event.
  5. If someone asks a question and you do not know the answer do not respond with “I don’t know”. Just wait for someone who knows the answer to reply.
  6. Please do not send in a hundred “thank you” or ‘congratulations’ messages. If you feel gratitude, or other, towards someone – tell them in a private message or impart these to the members at the next EPC meeting.
  7. If someone asks a question of a personal nature (like asking for advice) do not respond if someone else has already answered, or else respond to the person directly in a private message.
  8. The group is not the platform to berate someone, air grievances or to criticise – regarding the PSSA, judges, club members or other photographic associations. No arguing, no heated opinions, no fear mongering, no hyped-up drama, no fake news. Please check your sources before you share, and after you have discussed these concerns with the relevant stakeholders first.
  9. Hit “Mute” on your WhatsApp group (unless you are part of an emergency rescue group). This is a sanity saver. You will still receive all the messages, but your phone will not buzz or make a noise for every one of them.